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Light and Design

Company history

The company has been active on the market since 1997. In the course of these years the brand has been constantly developing and has established a firm and widespread national and international commercial network with an excellent reputation.

The winning basis of our production is the ‘Italian Tradition’ which always aims at innovation. Our catalogues demonstrate the fondamental objective of the company which means contributing to the spreading of the Italian taste and know-how throughout the world and constantly evolving aesthetic criteria.

We see it as our mission to offer a product with the highest qualitative characteristics thus with the greatest attention to the details and components and the aesthetic value of all the distinctive elements which characterize our luminaries.

The company

The company has its seat at Andria (BT) in the province of Puglia, one of the most economically productive regions in the South of Italy. The region is famous all round the world for its natural beauty and its architecture, for the cultural and artistic treasures, for the respect for traditions and fondamental values. At the same time the territory boasts of a solid network of businesses which develop their own concepts of tradition and innovation.

The production, commercial operations and administration are all situated inside our own structure which makes up about 4000 square metres subdivided into areas for manufacturing, stocking and shipping facilities as well as offices.

Commercial organisation

Luminaries under the brand name Lux Illuminazione are sold besides Italy on all 5 continents. This has become possible due to the efficient handling of the sales network organized and supervised from the head office at Andria. Our main concern is the quality and customer care.

The Lux philosophy

Our products are totally “Made in Italy” and are scrupulously projected at our headquarters at Andria. True professionals of the high style follow carefully all innovations and pay utmost attention to the elaboration of details. Their ambition is to further enhance our concept of perfect relation between tradition and innovation.


The design of our luminaries is elaborated at the head office Andria and the production as well as assembling are there too. We select the best materials available on the market: Scholer crystals, Limoges porcelain, glass from Murano, optical glass, highest quality brass.

The prime materials materials and pre-fabricated parts are then skillfully worked by our artisans using such techniques as leaf silver/gold, French gold, all strictly handmade. What regards distribution we have a carefully selected commercial network in many countries.

The consolidted presence on the market and the partecipation in the major events and Fairs permit our designers of LUX ILLUMINAZIONE to create inside the lighting sector and to successfully develop the tastes of our constantly increasing clientele. The company benefits from the collaboration with the best maestri on the national scale and thanks to it can offer the product of excellent quality.

For many years the company has been listed among the participants in the most important Fairs round the world, such as Euroluce (Milan), I Saloni (Moscow), Light&Building (Frankfurt), InteriorMebel (Kiev). It permits us to be close to the market where demand is created and to further raise our qualitative standards.